• Why Hire Me?

    (Over the other agent...who might even have a lower listing fee)


    Here are some reasons you might choose to hire me, or stated another way...what makes me and my real estate services unique! (Presented in no particular order... :-) )

    2nd Generation Agent

    I've received a "professional inheritance" from my father and his local 40 year real estate career and I'm eager to share that legacy of real estate wealth with my clients!
    Read more about my father, my journey with him here.

    Forms expert

    An often neglected area for many agents, I make it a point to know the forms our NWMLS attorneys write and keep updated with changes so I can best advise my clients. Learn more about that here!

    Culture of "Excellence"

    I measure all of my service and transactions against an internal drive and determination to provide the best possible experience and service to my clients. Of course, I'm not claiming perfection, but what "lights my fire" is providing excellence to each of my clients. I appreciate the significance of my clients sale in their lives and seek to honor that with service that matches.

    Availability and Responsiveness

    You want an agent who gives you and your transaction the attention you need when you need it. I consider this a vital part of providing good service. As a full-time real estate professional, I have oriented my life to facilitate a flexible schedule with availability for my clients.

    Accomplished Communicator

    You want an agent representing you to be competent at today's varied forms of communication. Because I consider "communication specialist" to be my secondary job title, I take that role seriously. As a result, I make it a point to communicate over the right medium (text, email, phone, in person, etc) and with thoughtful consideration.

    Network of Trusted Professionals

    When you work with me, I bring my portfolio of trusted professionals with me to refer to you and your transaction as appropriate. I'm currently president of the oldest, local referral group and understand the importance of making quality referrals to my clients.

    My Portfolio of Experience

    I've been directly involved in well over 125 Kitsap County transactions over the past seven years with a varied portfolio of experiences coming from each of those sales. I have also overseen a local property management business, expanding my experience in a complementary field. My clients are consistently ecstatic with my service!

    My Values

    I am not guided by the almighty dollar, but instead my decisions and business are guided by a set of values. Here are a few specific values that underly my business philosophy. Things like trust, win-win, simplicity, team, integrity, generosity. The ultimate value in relation to my sales business is always my fiduciary relationship to my client....always considering this question..."What is in the best interest of my client".

    A Go-Giver

    You are hiring someone that appreciates and practices generosity. This shows up in various ways through a transaction, almost always with a nice closing gift at the end of your transaction. It can also show up in that if I see a way to add value to a transaction, I'm not slow to invest the necessary resources.  

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    Your search for an agent can stop! 

    There are other great agents out there. However, I'm confident you won't find any better service or representation with any other agent or team!

    This is a bold statement, however I make it with the confidence that comes from experience and the blessing of having excellent people around me. Contact me today and let's get you to you moving on and in a great way!

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