• My Listing "Package"

    What I do to sell my client's properties...

    in the best possible way with the least stress and for the most money!


    While I'm always open to crafting a custom listing and marketing plan, this is my standard listing service...which is anything but basic...more like comprehensive and maximizing where it matters.


    I have concluded that anything less than full service real estate services is not in my client’s best interests. I consider my standard service to be "Full Service", neglecting nothing of importance.

    The “Big Rocks” of my listing service:

    You are hiring an individual but you are getting the service of a team! Here are my primary team member contributors:

    • Professional Photographer: with 3-D Matterport "walkthrough tour"
    • Professional Stager: An offer to partner with you in professional staging services by paying for 1/2 of the Staging Cost. More Details
    • Transaction Coordinator: "Transactional excellence" with professional and dedicated Transaction Coordination who handles most all of the e-signings & paperwork.  The many and important details are given their proper attention!
    • Additional advisors on call: My brother, Silas Oliveto, & father, Jim Oliveto, are both seasoned, licensed Real Estate Agents.  They are usually simply a phone call away and their additional input and advising sometimes provides the edge needed to provide absolutely excellent wisdom to the most challenging of circumstances...and real estate sales can present those from time to time!  


    • Preparing for Sale Checklist:  I’ll work with you to provide you a checklist for getting your property ready for the market according to your desires.  
    • Paperwork Assistance.  There are three documents you will need to complete to go on the market.  A listing agreement, a property detail form, and a seller disclosure.  I will work with you to complete those, making it as easy as possible for you to do so, by pre-filling forms and using e-signing service is convenient for you.  
    • Coordination of Pre-listing Services.  This usually includes the professional photographer, the staging professional and any service providers working to get the property ready. 

    Marketing & Exposure

    Primary Listing Profile

    Careful, Accurate entry of property details to the Northwest MLS. Your review of our work is part of the process to ensure we have it right. Your property listing will be disseminated very quickly to many websites including our team website, Zillow, Redfin.


    Social Media:

    • Facebook post to Oliveto Home Team Facebook Business Page, shared to personal newsfeed.
    • MeWe Social Networking Site
    • New Listing Announcement Emailed out to our Team Sphere Database
    • Social Media Shareable given to client for them to share

    Physical Marketing

    • Yard Sign & “For Sale” Directional Arrows to Property
    • Flyer-box & Flyers, usually attached to sign
    • Silent Salesman: If there are features of your property that are not readily apparent to a visiting prospective buyer, I will make small signs that speak to the feature.
    • “Just Listed” Postcard sent to your property’s neighbors

    Showings and Feedback

    At this stage of the sale, your property is active in the MLS and buyers are seeing it and scheduling showings. It is here that we “listen to the market speaking” and it does so with showings. Here is what I will do during this time.

    • Provide regular Friday Updates that include feedback from buyers and their agents that I solicit during the week.  
    • You will have access to an application called “Showing Time”.  This app allows you to manage showings and know real-time showing activity
    • Property access is managed with two lockboxes.  A “Smart”, connected NWMLS key box for agents.  Also I provide a “contractor key box” for any service providers.

    Purchase Negotiations

    There are usually two negotiations that happen in every sale. An initial negotiation that determines price, closing date, financing & any contingencies. And then most sales include an inspection negotiation as well, once the buyer’s inspector returns their report to the buyer. During this time, I usually provide a comprehensive "Net Sheet" so you will have a close estimate of your net proceeds from the sale.


    My philosophy of real estate negotiation is this. I provide the best possible relevant information to you surrounding the present negotiation and then provide advising based on your circumstances and details of the sale. And then, armed with this information, you make the negotiation related decisions. I handle all communications and paperwork. You simply make the decisions.

    Escrow Details, Appraisal & Closing

    If there is work required as a result of the inspection negotiations or the buyer’s appraisal, I provide coordination services to help connect you to service professionals and ensure their access to get that work completed. Also, this is a good point to mention that I become your hub of communication for the transaction, constantly ensuring that all parties are communicating. The various parties include you, title, escrow, any appraiser, the buyer’s agent, service providers and possibly others. Also, I always make it a point to be present when possible to my clients final escrow signing appointments so as to be readily available for any questions or concerns.

    My “Smaller Rock" Services

    Here are a few “items of mention” to clarify my services.

    • Signings:  I'm able to handle all signings electronically or in person.  Whichever is most convenient for my clients
    • Meetings:  I’m meet my clients both in person and virtually via Zoom.
    • I’m your trusted source of local referrals for services and professionals that you might need for the sale.  
    • Property Management & Protection:  If your home will be vacant for any or all of the listing duration, I take as much or little responsibility as you prefer for the security and maintenance.   
    • Respectful, Professional Representation.  What I mean by this is that I understand my role as your guide and advisor but you are always the ultimate decision maker.  Together we’ll make a great team for the best experience possible in the sale of your property!
    • Closing a complicated transaction and moving onto what is next in your life is always cause for celebration.  Expect a nice closing gift of some sort!
  • Your search for an agent can stop! 

    There are other great agents out there. However, I'm confident you won't find any better service or representation with any other agent or team!

    This is a bold statement, however I make it with the confidence that comes from experience and the blessing of having excellent people around me. Contact me today and let's get you to you moving on and in a great way!

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